Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hartland Mighty Mack Switch - Upgrade

I found the plastic on the Mighty mack too shiny, and did not like the looks of the yellow detail parts on the bottom frame. Using the Rustoleum Plastic Textured black paint, I painted the underframe and was fleased with the results. I didnt want to weather at this time, just knock off the toyish look. The frame of the mighty mack is not Kadee friendly, but a piece of wood glued with Walthers Goo established a good base to screw a 831 coupler. I just had to open up the hole to make room for the box.

The lighting inside the Mack consisted of a burned out grain of rice bulb. This fed the two headlights via a long piece of plastic. I cut the tubes and glued the headlight lenses to the housing. I was able to fit a new bulb into the back of the housing and tabe it to the frame. Knowing that I would be upgrading to led in the future i used a terminal block on the power leads from the motor. This allows or easy dissaembly at a later time.




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